Ottawa County Exponent Digital Archives

Sixty years of the Ottawa County Exponent newspapers (January 2, 1897 - January 25, 1957) has been digitized. To view the digital archives, click here

If you would like assistance, please stop in to the library for a quick overview of how it works.

  • Anyone with an Internet connection can now access the digital version of the old Ottawa County Exponent newspapers.
  • Researchers and history buffs will find it easier to browse the old newspapers and most importantly, the newspaper archives can be searched from the comfort of your home, from the library, or from your mobile device.
  • The digital version also enables you to perform a keyword search within the database. 

The preservation project was made possible by Judge Donald Wargowsky’s bequest to the library.

The library plans to digitize all through the last issue published on October 16, 2015.