Food For Fines at the Library

The library is accepting food for fines during the month of November. One can of food will cancel $1.00 worth of overdue fines. Example: You owe $2.35 in overdue. Donate 3 cans of food and your fines will be paid. Food items may not be used for lost or damaged materials.  Recommended donations include: canned fruits, juices, vegetables, soup, peanut butter, tuna, boxes of macaroni and cheese, or cereal.  NO dented, leaking, or expired foods will be accepted.

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

Take the 1KB4K Challenge with your child

Sound impossible?  If you read one book a night together,

in three years you will have read 1,095 books.

Sign up at the library and receive a packet to record your progress. 

At every 100 books your child will receive a prize,

and at 1,000 books, a library book will be dedicated to your child.