Thanks to the Rotary

Thanks to the Oak Harbor Rotary for supporting the 2017 Summer Reading Program. 

And, thanks to all the kids, parents, grandparents and presenters who made this a success!


This year's theme was Build a Better World with programs from the Toledo Zoo, Ottawa Soil & Water Conservation District, Armstrong Air & Space Museum, OSS Waste Management District, A2 Magic, and Paul Brinke. 

The Rotary provided banks and the kids deposited pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars to mark the books they read and the programs they attended. The kids helped Build a Better World by contributing that money to the Oak Harbor Food Pantry.  The Oak Harbor Rotary has donated a book to the library in honor of the summer's top reader, Bridget Berry.  Congrats to her!

Look for news here next spring about the 2018 Summer Reading Program on music:"Libraries Rock"