What's new at the Local History Room? Wagner & Dunmier Calendar Top

  An interesting item was recently donated to the Local History and Museum Center.  You can see the whole thing at this link  /sites/default/files/files/Wagner%20%26%20Dunmier%20calendar%20top.pdf    The calendar top is about 17" long by 7" wide.   It dates to about 1910. We know little about this business or the location of any store they might have had. 

  Wagner & Dunmier had an advertisement in the 1909 Oak Harbor Yearbook.  It stated:

"Wagner & Dunmier Co. - Portrait Enlarging, Framing, Painting, Paper Hanging & Decorating.  Dealers in Paint, Wallpaper, Room Molding.  Workmanship guaranteed or no money."

The Library does have 2 other embossed calendar tops in the history room from other stores.  Louis Hilb circa 1910 & Leroy Nehls circa 1940.Stop by to see these items and other interesting things from Oak Harbor and the area.

And if you don't want to come to the library, click on the Local History & Museum Center button on the front page to see recently added Apple Festival Photos from the Past.