Cozy Mystery of the Month for January

Are you looking for a fun mystery?    Be part of our Cozy Mystery of the Month bunch.  No club to join, no meeting to attend.  Come pick up a copy of "Frozen Stiff," by Annelise Ryan.  This is a Mattie Winston Mystery, book 3 in the series - Working Stiff, Scared Stiff, Frozen Stiff, Lucky Stiff, Board Stiff, Stiff Penalty, Stiff Competition, Dead in the Water, and Dead Calm.

book Frozen Stiff  The victim in deputy coroner Mattie Winston's latest case was strikingly beautiful - before someone stuck a knife in her chest. She was definitely a stranger, but if this attractive woman moved into Sorenson, surely the news would have hit the gossip mill. So what was she doing laid out in this desolate field?